Kaw City Pictorial History Book Released at 2019 Reunion

Former Kaw City resident Annette Conklin Cline Pittman and her daughter, Susan Rutledge timed the release of their new book, Kaw City – A Pictorial History, to coincide with Kaw City Museum’s 2019 Annual Reunion. Annette and her late husband Bob Cline, both born and raised in the Kaw City that is now covered by the waters of Kaw Lake, spent years collecting and copying vintage photographs loaned or donated to them by long-time Kaw City residents. Their goal was to preserve the history of the little town they grew up in. Great-grandchildren recently joined the project, spending countless hours digitizing the images, while the mother-daughter team organized them and documented known details such as dates, names and locations. The result is a book filled with copies of 200 photographs, most complete with historical details dating as far  back as the 1800s.

The book can be purchased at the Kaw City Museum for a donation of $20, with the entire donation going to the museum. For out-of-towners unable to visit the museum, email Carolyn Godberson csgodberson@gmail.com to make arrangements for shipping.

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